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out here in the midtown section of san jose. this is near the corner of fruitdale avenue and lee avenue, where at 8:30 a fire broke out at the upper level of this apartment complex. someone was burning a fire in their fire place. it very quickly went to three alarms. the firefighters arrived, sprayed a lot of water on it. that's when they did an interior attack. one of the captains went inside and the roof partially collapsed on this captain, knocked him down. he suffered relatively minor to moderate injuries. they're not sure at this point. he went to the hospital. but six units were evacuated. six families had a very rough thanksgiving. we talked to one man. >> this is one heck of a thanksgiving for you, huh? >> yes, sir. but on the good side, my family is okay, and that's what i'm thankful for. it's a really bad feeling but
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we're okay, and that's the most important thing. >> reporter: fantastic attitude on this holiday. a lot of these firefighters are now in the mop-up phase. again, a three-alarm fire, nobody hurt except for that one firefighter. live in san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. right now, freshly stuffed shoppers are either out or making their way out for the black friday doorbuster sales. but workers at wal-mart have something more in mind to greet shoppers with. christin ayers. one of the biggest shopping days of the year and wal-mart workers are walking out. >> i'm gonna make sure i'm there. i'm gonna keep on doing it. like i said, i'm not scared of losing many i job. >> reporter: striking, they say, against poor working conditions and a culture of intimidation at a big-box
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store. >> people are really scared to speak up. people have kids, you know. i understand. i tell them i'm striking for them. >> reporter: what better way to do it than on black friday? some customers looking for sales say they got the message loud and clear. >> i feel bad for the people, so no, i'm not gonna shop there. >> reporter: similar strikes happened nationwide this week. but workers say the backlash has already begun. we were there as one manager at the san lorenzo store ordered protesters off the property. >> this is private property and we're asking you and your group to leave. >> california law gives us the right to talk to customers in front of stores. so... >> if you don't leave, we will get the police involved. >> reporter: but protesters say they have no intention of leaving until wal-mart listens to their pleas for respect and better working conditions. more walkouts are planned at stores tomorrow, though protesters worry their numbers could be hurt by workers too afraid to strike. in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. since opening two weeks
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ago, it's been a nightmare getting to the new high-end outlet stores in livermore and it could be even worse this weekend. this is a life look at the paragon outlet malls. you see shoppers flooding into the mall right now, about to get very busy, even busier than this. the stores opened for black friday shopping just over an hour ago, and there is already a long line of traffic getting to the shopping center. take a look at this. here's a look at the intersection of 580 and 680 in dublin, a heavy stream of traffic in both directions. as you can imagine, most of these drivers racing to those shopping mall. it's getting harder to tell thanksgiving apart from black friday, mainly because retailers and shoppers are hitting the bargains a little earlier every year. this is one of the biggest stores in san jose. there are big-ticket items like big-screen tv's were on the
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list. but the first shopper says she's not making this a holiday tradition. >> i mean, is it worth it? >> i don't know. is it? >> not really. i would never do it again. >> why not? >> just because i can probably get this deal online faster and i wouldn't have to deal with this crowd. >> you're learning a valuable black friday lesson? is that what you're saying? >> yes, i am. >> the national retail federation expects holiday sales to top $586 billion. this old navy store in emeryville was open during the day today. the store's manager says they expect to see many of their customers in line again tonight. and for the top things you need to know about black friday and the best way to save this season, go to our website, friday. the cease-fire between israel and hamas has survived its first full day. what both parties have to do now to ensure that the truce
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remains in effect. >> reporter: palestinians are celebrating the end of gaza's worst fighting in years. they say it's safe enough to fill the streets again. they're digging out, cleaning up, and burying their dead. a fragile truce is holding, and the eight days of fighting between israel and hamas that's killed at least 162 palestinians and six israelis. thousands of israeli soldiers who were deported to the gaza border for a possible ground invasion have pulled out, bringing many relief. >> i just put faith in the palestinian people that they're going to hold up their end of the cease-fire. >> reporter: hamas promised to stop firing rockets and israel said it will end air strikes. he said, i want to say to the palestinian people in gaza, in the west bank and everywhere, that the option of invading
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gaza after this victory is gone and will never return. but the israeli army's chief of staff issued a warning. >> if gaza will stay quiet, if nothing comes out of it, gaza will be a quiet place. >> reporter: america is poised to help both sides. the obama administration says it will ask congress to increase funding for israel's defense system that helped intercept 80% of hamas rockets. and american tax dollars also provide assistance to the u.n. organizations that support the palestinians. with egypt as mediator, both sides are trying to negotiate a more permanent agreement. israel wants to end weapons smuggling at the gaza. hamas wants to end a five-year border blockade. thanksgiving warning turned into a nightmare for hundreds of people caught up in a major
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pileup in texas. more than 140 cars and trucks lay twisted and broken. the huge crash happened as holiday travelers tried to navigate through dense fog. drivers could do little to get out of the way. >> i just grabbed my kids, pulled them out of the car and ran. that's all i could do. >> at least two people died and more than 80 were hurt, several critically. and rescue crews credit many drivers for helping each others while first responders were overwhelmed. police in berkeley are hoping you can help smoke out a cigarette thief. he's suspected of burglarizing businesses in neighboring cities also. investigators say he smashes windows to get inside, gets what he's after, then leaves in a big hurry. other bay area headlines.
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parts of ocean beach in san francisco remain closed as crews clean up a sewage spill. a manhole overflowed two days ago after heavy rains. most of the spill was wastewater but there was a little sewage mixed in. it's unclear when that section of the beach will be back open. the wedding mystery we told you about yesterday has been solved. the fremont police found the owner of a lost wedding photo album, inside a briefcase along a road outside of a preschool. police believe it was taken from a storage unit that had been broken into, and that the thieves just tossed it aside. the owner was eventually traced to india. following in the footsteps of online retailers, this postal service will be texting out same-day delivery this holiday season. the united states postal service will begin offering the
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service in san francisco. an incredible gift. how one man is giving thanks for the past by investing in the future. pretty amazing. it feels good to give back. >> spending his own money to help those in need. how one man spreads the spirit of thanksgiving with peanut butter and jelly. the bay area rescue missionn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a hot meal to 2- thousand pe a day this week. it also gave away 12-hundred turkeys the bay area rescue mission in richmond provided a hot meal to 2,000 people a day this week. they also gave away 1200 turkeys to people in need in that neighborhood. the mission started out two weeks ago with only 37 turkeys. until the donations came pouring in and provided the rest of the food for this generous giveaway. tens of thousands of u.s. troops found ways to celebrate thanksgiving half a world away. >> the cbs reporter monica shows us how soldiers in afghanistan got into the spirit of this holiday. >> for afghanistan! >> happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: the game of thanksgiving football brought soldiers in afghanistan a little closer to home. team usa challenged the native
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coalition partners on a military base in kabul. >> it's a great opportunity to take a break from the work and have some fun, get some exercise and to enjoy this wonderful day. >> reporter: nearly 66,000 american troops remain in afghanistan. for many, it may be the last holiday away from their families, as the u.s. winds down the war. troops were given a chance to send messages to their loved ones. >> i'm here in kabul, afghanistan. i'd like to say to my girl back in holiday. >> i really miss you guys! >> i will see you in the springtime! >> reporter: president obama sent his own greeting to u.s. forces from the white house. >> to all our service members. it is my honor to be your commander in chief. from our family to yours, happy thanksgiving, everybody! >> reporter: one soldier said it was like a usual day in a war zone except the food was much better. at the cafeteria, the lines were long. an arm of cooks served up trays
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of beef, 200 turkeys, mac and cheese and corn bread. for some, it was a day to think about home. >> i love you guys a lot. i wish i could be with you, but i'm there in spirit for sure! >> reporter: many people it's great to keep an american tradition alive half a world away. he was pennyless when he came to america after escaping nazi germany. now, a wealthy man wants to give back. >> the man's story of survival and the legacy he wants to leave behind. >> please join me in welcoming mr. roth lewis. >> reporter: 88-year-old roth lewis is giving dominican university its largest gift in history. >> i was looking for a place to put the hard-earned dollars that i gathered over the years. >> reporter: lewis is donating up to $8.5 million to transform the hall into a state of the
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art health sciences center, a gift from a grateful heart. >> i'm returning to america what america has given to me. >> reporter: lewis, a native of germany, was 15 years old when he says they threw his father into a concentration camp. >> we were of course very, very depressed and sad that the germany which we loved was, in a way, had turned against us. >> reporter: the family of five fled to refugee camps. they scraped by, confined to a 16-block area after japan invaded china in world war ii. >> we carried suitcases. we did whatever we could do just to make a living. >> reporter: after nearly a decade in china, lewis boarded a ship to the u.s., with a relative's help and a heart of hope. he'll never forget the wonder
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and welcome of the golden gate. >> this was america. i knew home and the future before me. >> reporter: he started with nothing, but studied business at san francisco state university. he cooked up his own restaurant near what would become the square. lewis ran the restaurant for 26 years, living the american dream. >> my heart today is so full of love and gratitude to america for having let me into the country in the first place, for giving me the opportunity. >> reporter: when lewis considered bestowing a legacy gift, his wife suggested the nursing program at dominican, where he's a trustee. he's expressing thanks for the past by investing in the future. >> there is a need to be grateful to america. now, there is a big change for this holiday. we're also thankful for the wonderful weather coming our way. >> what a beautiful day we had,
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and what beautiful days we are going to have. i give you friday, saturday, and sunday, this four-day holiday weekend will be spectacular each day. what else is spectacular is the embarcadero, all the lights. mainly clear skies. in the background, the lights of san jose, where currently you're pretty chilly, down to 49 degrees. concord, 47. san francisco and oakland, a couple of the warmer spots, in the lower to mid 50's. high-def doppler, which has been so active for the past seven days, is completely dry right now. i'm happy to report for the holiday weekend it will also stay dry. san jose tonight, down to 47. redwood city, 46. if you're going out shopping early, out toward livermore, it will be chilly. 43 degrees. also for napa, santa rosa and fairfield, very active weather pattern. couldn't tell with the weather we're having around here, but it's extremely active, a huge dome of high pressure, taking all of that activity and
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shoving it up to the north. they have wind advisories in effect, winter storm warnings for western washington. for us, it's all about mild temperatures and dry weather. great weather to get outside, all the way into and through the holiday weekend. so we will be foggy in the north bay. watch out for widespread dense fog up and down the i-5 corridor. otherwise, mainly sunny through the weekend. and how about highs near 70 degrees. that's a treat. we will have it for the next four days, including tomorrow. oakland, 8 degrees above average. concord, 7 degrees above average. and san jose, 4 degrees above what is normal. shopping in and around palo alto, stanford shopping center, 69 degrees. walnut creek, 70. sausalito, 65. san francisco is 67 tomorrow. saturday and sunday, low 70's,
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mainly sunny skies. we'll stay sunny and dry. upper 60's on monday and tuesday. then i see a pattern change, a pretty significant one. next wednesday we go cloudier and thursday may usher in a rather wet pattern. but you know what? that's a week from now and we have a beautiful holiday weekend to enjoy. highs around 70 each of the next four days. >> gotta love that. >> gorgeous. yes. thanksgiving spirit, one ly sandwich at a one bay area family's holiday tradition has a twist. how they're spreading the thanksgiving spirit one peanut butter and jelly sandwich at a time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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think of turkey and all the trimmings. when it comes to a traditional thanksgiving feast, most people think of turkey and all the trimmings. >> but one man decided to feed the hungry in san francisco by handing out a different kind of comfort food. linda yee shows us how a simple recipe fed dozens. >> i love it. america! >> reporter: sean is just an ordinary guy with a very big heart.
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>> happy thanksgiving, bro. yeah. that's part of the sadness. most of the people, it's not a choice. it's something that either -- mental illness or resources that haven't been able to get in touch with these people and get help and have the choice to turn their lives around. >> reporter: so he tries to make their thanksgiving day a little better. >> a loaf of bread and some peanut butter and jelly, might be 20 people, 20 more people, that for whatever reason, were not at a shelter. >> you spent all your own money? >> yeah. a couple of bills aren't getting paid this week. but i figure if i go home and my internet is off, it's not the biggest deal in the world. at the end of the world, i'm blessed and thankful for what i do have. >> reporter: and who he meets warms his soul. >> hey, bro, happy thanksgiving. >> he has always done this.
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at i think age six years old, he got his parents to make peanut butter sandwiches and put together little packages and they came out to the civic center and other places around the city. >> it's pretty amazing. just feels good to give back. almost feel guilty. it's not that much. everybody can take a little time out of their day and do thing. i'm only trying to do my part. >> want another one, buddy? happy thanksgiving! >> reporter: in san francisco, linda yee, cbs 5. straight ahead, what the patriots did to the jets in a top-five highlight reel that's a must- see! one last look at the championship game and how lincoln, michigan, came down to the last moment [ turkeys gobbling ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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city title game goes back te 1920 school good evening, everybody. the turkey day title game goes back to the 1920's. only one high school comes out of kezar stadium with bragging
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rights. hello, ladies of lincoln! defending champion, a 14-0 deficit. 21-14 late in the game, but lincoln comes back to score the two-point conversion by tyree. 22-21! >> we worked hard from the beginning. all we did, all the fighting, we were torn. and it's great to happen! >> i'm very proud of this team. we've been through ups and downs, injuries all year. i love my team! >> last week, we said, hey, we're gonna eat some turkey. we're gonna be champions. >> who would have won? we would have never did it! >> right. all right. nfl, 49er business.
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quarterback alex smith practiced today. he reportedly has been medically cleared to play, but the team is denying it. so is it colin kaepernick at center in new orleans? jim harbaugh speaks tomorrow afternoon at niner headquarters. hey, did you hear? it's thanksgiving! right place, right time, in the woodside high school. runs it back for a touchdown. he scored six in the last two games. 49-19. they get the best of the jets. college basketball, cal up. richard solomon. no foul called. he gets teed up. moments later, mike montgomery gets up. bears trailed by as much as eight but they come on back. 73-70. stanford in the bahamas against no. 13 missouri. a game-high 22.
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stanford was hanging in there till the end. bowers, a double-double. he follows that shot. stanford loses 78-70. i have in my hands the thanksgiving top five. texans-lions, justin forsett up the mile. stop. ah, no whistle. he keeps going. detroit challenged the scoring play, which is unsportsman- like. it was gonna be reviewed anyway. texans win in overtime. no. 4, blake griffin. they beat memphis 78-65. the jets. mark sanchez, running into his own linemen. boy, that's embarrassing, huh? ah, man. no. 2, back to kezar stadium. demetrius breaks the tackle but
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it's blown up. no. 1, suh in trouble again. he gets him in the man zone! oh, man! not sure if it was intentional or not. the lions do lose the game. but boy! what a shot. i'm woozy just looking at it. >> okay. we'll be right back. ,,
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our next newscast is tomorrw we need to look at this one more time. we just talked about the man zone. let's take a look at the sun zone. there we go. five-day forecast, sunshine across the board, all the way to next tuesday. gorgeous. >> do the ends of the zones ever -- do they ever cross, the two zones? >> i wanna know but i don't think so. >> back tomorrow. >> letterman is next. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...

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